Application for Student Visa

Application for a Student Visa
Since May 2004, the Czech Republic has been a full member of the European Union. International students coming from the EU countries do not need a visa. However, for most nationalities, the student visa is required if the stay is planned for more than 90 days. Please look up the detailed information on the student visa procedure at the Czech Embassy/Consulate in your home country. It is impossible to enter the Czech Republic without a valid visa and passport.
Please bear in mind that you need the forms from the University of Pardubice that need to be filled out by a coordinator at your home institution (Letter of Acceptance; Potvrzení o ubytování cizince v ubytovacím zařízení / Confirmation of accommodation for foreigners in Halls of Residence; Potvrzení k vízu nad 90 dnů / Confirmation for visa over 90 days; Confirmation for visa over 90 days). Your visa application should be submitted to the Czech Embassy at least 60 days before the planned date of your departure.
It is not possible to apply for the visa in the Czech Republic. 
The documents required by the Czech Embassies/Consulates:
  1. Passport (its validity needs to exceed your intended stay in the Czech Republic by at least three months)
  2. Letter of acceptance (provided by the University of Pardubice)
  3. Confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic (provided by the University of Pardubice)
  4. Confirmation from your bank that you have sufficient financial means on your account to support your stay in the host country.
  5. Confirmation of no criminal records in your home country (the Police Record)
  6. Confirmation of no of criminal records in the Czech Republic (the Police Record form is available at the Embassies/ Consulates)
  7. Health insurance
  8. Birth certificate
  9. 3 photographs (passport format)
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