Practical information for mobile students

Getting to Pardubice
If you fly to the Czech Republic, you will most likely arrive at the Ruzyně Airport in Prague (Praha, Letiště Ruzyně), the capital city of the Czech Republic.
At the airport you will find the information about the city bus transportation system. Taking the bus and then the metro (the underground) is the cheapest way to get to the main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží - hl.n.). Ask at the information desk about the bus number and the metro line.
- Trains from Prague to Pardubice depart frequently (you can check timetables at: The journey takes approximately one hour.
- You can get to the University campus from Pardubice main train station by trolley-bus No 3 (get at the stop Polabiny, Hradecká), bus No 10 (get off at the stop Univerzita), bus No 16, (get off at Polabiny, Hradecká), bus No 33 (get off at Polabiny, Hradecká)
Student card
The student chip card enables students to use several services at the University of Pardubice - for instance catering services in the dining hall (menza), lending services in the University library, printing and copying services in the University library and copy centre, and the card also enables students to enter specific laboratories/classrooms.
NetID is the user name in the form e.g. st123456 (this user name is stated under the photo on the student card or in the STAG application, on the other hand StagID is the registration name for identification studies e.g. E05123).
 It is possible to use NetID to register for the following services in the UPa network:
·        Enables you to log into the student e-mail box
·        Enables you to log into printing and copying services SafeQ:
·        Enables you to reach electronic information on the CD server
·        Enables you to activate internet connection at the dormitories
·        Enables you to reach the “My Account” module in the on-line catalogue of the university library
In case you lose your NetID you are able to get a new NetID after visiting one of the places labelled with the sign: “Identifikační karty – NetID
University library – 1st floor
Copy centre
Rectorate (card centre)
The City of Pardubice, with its 90,000 inhabitants, is one of the ten largest cities in the Czech Republic. Due to its location at the confluence of the Labe and Chrudimka rivers, 100 kilometres east of Prague, the capital city, Pardubice is the economic and cultural centre of East Bohemia. The settlement was first mentioned in 1295, and since then has been developing a rich and exciting history, which has left many traces on its face.
Surrounded by green parks and blue rivers, the Old Town and the Chateau, built in the 16th century by the House of Pernštejn, in a style which blends late Gothic and early Renaissance features, are the highlights of the city historical centre. The ancient life which once flowed in the narrow streets and tiny squares is still accentuated by little shops and restaurants allowing the residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Pardubice Old Town; one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic.
Along with its historical fragrance, the city pulses with a rhythm of modern life. A strong industrial background, together with the dynamically developing commercial sector, gives the city many optimistic prospects for its future economic growth. A well-developed transport system, a new airport and the now constructed river port, are just examples of the many advantages of Pardubice. The city is also famous for its traditional products – foodstuffs such as gingerbread and beer, chemicals such as dyes and explosives, chemicals for agricultural use, medicines or plastics complemented by electronics, machine-tool production, etc.
The city nourishes tradition and offers many activities, pleasures, and sporting and cultural events to its citizens and tourists.
Pardubice is situated in the Polabí lowland and the climate is continental; which means hot summers and cold winters in general, but of course, there are some exceptions. In summer, weather can be quite cold (about 10 °C) or equally it can be subtropical with temperatures reaching 35 °C. Our advice is to expect both extremes and to bring clothes accordingly. In winter, the weather can be colder (temperatures from -20 °C to 10 °C).
Bank account
Foreign students can open a bank account in the Czech Republic, however our current group of students chose to use their credit and ATM/debit cards from home. Check with your bank to see what they charge for using your ATM/debit or credit card abroad and to be sure that you can use your card in Czech Republic.
Working in the Czech Republic
Students from the European Union countries can work part time, however, the non-EU students must apply for a work permit.