Students studying through inter-government agreements

Inter-government agreements of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic have different form (new regulations) or they follow original regulations – each agreement is different, there are about 15 of them. 
In certain situations foreign students are entitled to medical care reimbursement by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, i.e. they have the registration number described in option 7 above (or optionally 7a).
All other foreign students whose health insurance is not included in the study stay have either option 8 (commercial health insurance or they can make an insurance contract in the Czech Republic) or they do not have 8a – commercial health insurance abroad.
In this situation it is essential to use the ASSISTENCE SERVICES upon the presentation of the commercial insurance certificate and to get acquainted with the INSURANCE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (in detail on both the patient´s and the physician´s part). The physician should know whether the appropriate insurer reimburses the costs consequently, etc.)
LEGAL RELATION BETWEEN A FOREIGN STUDENT AND A PHYSISCIAN OR THE HEALTH INSTITUTION – usually the health institution requires a guarantee for the intended medical actions, making an agreement about their reimbursement by the commercial insurer. THE PHYSICIAN USUALLY REQUIRES THE CASH AND THE PATIENT NEGOTIATES THE REIMBURSEMENT FROM HIS/HER INSURER. The charge for a medical treatment in hospital may be substantially higher and requires the guarantee.