Insurance documents

Personal and health insurance documents of a foreign-student of the University of Pardubice
The following personal and health insurance documents must be presented at the health institution for the purpose of financial settlement required by the examining physician or the health institution:
Personal identity card or passport to verify the identity of the examined person.
Foreign students - EU, Swiss and EEA nationals – should present:
1) EHIC certificate or
2) certificate temporarily replacing the EHIC or
3) European pass E xxx
Foreign students – EU applicant countries nationals (Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey) should present
1) CC/CZ pass
Foreign students on long-term study stays (several months and longer) are recommended to see the VZP ČR branch (the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic) in Pardubice or other Czech insurance companies ( to register with a Czech health insurer and to receive the VZP ČR registration number (this number is used for calculation of the costs incurred to a physician or to a health institution)
Upon registration at a Czech health insurer, foreign students shall receive
1) certificate of registration or
2) certificate of insured person residing in the Czech Republic or a certificate of insured person with a temporary stay in the Czech Republic
Note: physicians or health institutions follow the EEC Directives 1408/71 and 574/72 EEC.
Students who study in the Czech Republic on the basis of a government agreement or an agreement of the Ministry of Education should present: 
1) “Index” – THE UNIVERSITY RECORDS BOOK including the registration number (special records)
Students from Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba, Libya and Morocco may use the valid government agreement with the Czech Republic within the scope of individual contracts.
In the case that a foreign student has no health insurance listed above, s/he can present a commercial health insurance certificate together with the insurance terms and conditions. Health institutions usually require a telephone contact of the contracted assistance service for an agreement with the operator about the guarantee of payment for the required medical treatment.
Foreign students who recently do not have any health insurance or commercial health insurance of medical expenses abroad should be informed that they can make a commercial health insurance contract even during the commenced studies at a Czech university with commercial insurance companies in the Czech Republic (in alphabetical order: Maxima a.s., Pojišťovna VZP a.s., Slávia pojišťovna a.s., Uniqa a.s., Victoria Volksbank a.s., see details at the above indicated websites)
All foreign students who have none of the above listed health insurance documents will be attended in compliance with Act N. 20/1966 Sb. and 48/1999 Sb. as amended, and the medical treatment will be provided to them in compliance with the current version of the Directive of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic N. 331/2007 Sb. and with the current version of the Price Bulletin of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in the amount of 1.12 CZK / medical action point, and they will pay for the provided medical care in cash.