I would like to take part in LLP/Erasmus programme. How can I get the information on courses taught in English?
Use searching tool at the right top of the screen. Choose English language in „Language of instruction“ – all courses taught in English at the Univesity of Pardubice will be displayed. For reducing list of courses we advise to choose other criteria in given searching tool.
Is there a possibility to study the entire study programme in English?
Entire study programmes or fields of study accredited in English offer only some faculties. You will be able to see them after choosing English language (Language of instruction) in „Plans search“. Pay attention to degree (will be displayed in „Type of study“) i.e. bachelor, master or doctoral study programme.
There are compulsory, semi-optional and optional courses in a field of study structure diagram. May I choose other courses apart from courses within the field of study and given semester?
Yes, you can choose not only courses at the faculty but also courses from other faculties. For searching the courses we advise to enter the key word in „Course content“ using searching tool „Course search“ at the right top of the screen.
Do the students pass an examination during  the whole semester or is there a given examination period? How many times is student allowed to pass an examination of the course?
Students pass examinations during examination period stated  in academic calendar both for winter and summer semester. Study and Examination Regulations of the University of Pardubice (hereinafter referred as to SZŘ) stipulates that a student is entitled to pass the examination within one regular examination date. If he/she fails to do so, he/she is entitled to two examination resits. Some courses are completed without grade with „assignment“.  This is a case of binary assessment passed/fail.
Do the faculties of University of Pardubice use grading scheme ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)?
No, relative grading scheme is not used by University of Pardubice. All faculties use five-graded absolut scheme (stipulated in SZŘ). It means that students are assessed after passing the examination independently to assessment of other students in a group.