Pardubice offers a wide range of restaurants and snack bars. They start serving lunch at about 11 AM. At lunchtime, many restaurants offer special dish of the day called “Polední menu” the price is around 65-90 CZK. The meal usually consists of a soup and a main course.
The University of Pardubice offers you to take your meals from the Dining Hall “Menza”, where the food is cheaper than in restaurants. You can choose from 3-4 meals including soup and drink. There are soups (8 - 15 CZK), main course (20 - 50 CZK), sandwitch or lining buguette (22 - 26 CZK) and drink (2 - 20 CZK). 
Opening hours of the Dining Hall “Menza”
Monday to Friday
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Monday to Friday
3:00 PM - 8 PM
Another option is to do your own cooking, as most of the students who live in Halls of Residence do.
Supermarkets and a variety of other shops and restaurants are within walking distance from the University campus.
Halls of Residence SKM, Studentska 202/D, 530 09 Pardubice, Czech Republic
SKM, Správa kolejí a menzy Univerzity Pardubice
Studentská 202, 530 09 Pardubice, Czech Republic
phone + 420 466 036 290
fax + 420 466 036 365