Students studying on the basis of Czech government scholarship

Students who study in the Czech Republic on the basis of the Czech government scholarship or agreements of the Ministry of Education – unfortunately, the administration has not been standardized.
The easiest for all the participating parties (i.e. patients and physicians) is to use the REGISTRATION NUMBER in the student´s “index” that enables the medical institution to charge the appropriate department of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic according to the valid legislation. The charges will be made according to the personal data taken from the passport or identity card.
The registration number is indicated in the “Index” (Study Records Book) on the front page or within the special records at the back.
It is strongly recommended that foreign students should always present their “Index” at each visit to a health institution.
This concerns foreign students from certain countries (recently it is Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba, Libya and Morocco) who could use medical care on the basis of a valid inter-government agreement (individual agreements for each of the countries). 
Foreign student-patient must present a valid passport of the appropriate country.
Medical actions taken will be reimbursed by the financial department of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in compliance with valid legislation.