International students are welcomed at the University.
The University provides Bachelor’s, Mater’s and Doctoral study programmes through its seven faculties (Faculty of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Restoration, Faculty of Health Studies, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics).
The language of instruction in most Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral study programmes is Czech. Some faculties offer several Bachelor´s and Master´s courses and most Doctoral degree courses in English.
Students can choose from different undergraduate or postgraduate programmes in the field of:
-          natural and technical sciences, focused on chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology and biochemistry, informatics, physics, electrical engineering, transport and communication technologies and material engineering,
-          social sciences, focused on economics and administration, philology, history, philosophy and sociology,
-          health sciences, focused on education in general nursing and midwifery,
-          arts in the field of historical conservation, art restoration, conservation techniques and technologies.
66 study programmes with 127 study specializations taught in Czech are designed to reflect the outcomes of the Bologna Declaration and modern trends in higher education. Most 3-year Bachelor´s study programmes offer 2-year follow-up Master´s programmes. The most successful graduates can continue their studies in several Doctoral degree programmes. Some study programmes are also offered as part-time studies.
The credit system at the University conforms to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Corresponding grades of credits are allocated to subjects that form a part of the study programme. The credit accumulation system enables the students to make individual decisions about optional parts of their study programme and to organize their schedules accordingly.