Recognition procedures

Directive No. 2/2007
Recognition of university degrees and qualifications achieved at foreign universities by the University of Pardubice
Scope of action:
Academic staff of the University and individual faculties
Effective from:
15th  January 2007
Reference No:
Compiled by:
Petra Voženílková, Department of  Research and Education
Submitted by:
Mgr. Ivana Švecová,  Department of Research and Education
Approved by:
doc. Ing. Ivana Kraftová, CSc., Vice-Rector for Study Agenda and Education






Article 1
Subject of the Direction
1.      University of Pardubice (hereinafter “the University”) hereby issues the certificate of the recognition of university education and qualification, or as the case may be, the recognition of a part of university education, particular exams passed at a foreign university respectively, (hereinafter “the recognition of university education and qualification”) in the fields, content of which is analogical to the accredited study programmes conducted at the University or at its Faculties. 
2.      The University is authorized to make mandatory decisions in terms of the recognition of university education and qualification achieved abroad, and to issue relevant certificates regarding such facts upon the provisions of Articles Nos. V. 1 to V.3 and Articles VI.1 to VI.5 of the Communication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 60/2000 Sb. m.s., on the Convention on recognition the qualifications in tertiary education in the European region (Lisbon, 11th April 1997), and upon the provisions of §§ 89, 90 and 106 of the Act No. 111/1998 Sb. (the Act on universities),  as amended.
3.      In relation to the provisions of Article 19 Study and Examination Regulations of the University of Pardubice, the Directive regulates the recognition of education and qualifications at a foreign university and specifies the procedure of recognition of a study part completed at a foreign university within the LLP/Erasmus programme.
Article 2
Application for recognition of university education and qualification
1.      An application for the recognition of university education and qualification (hereinafter “the Application”) shall be submitted in writing by a foreign university graduate or by a person having studied at a foreign university (hereinafter “the Applicant”) to the Department of Research and Education.  The Application is enclosed in Appendix N.1 to the Directive.
2.      The application should contain the following documents:
a)      an original or a certified copy of a Diploma, Certificate or an equivalent hereof, issued by a foreign university,
b)      an original or a certified copy of a Diploma Supplement, or the list of successfully completed courses including their scope (in hours or ECTS credits) and original grades achieved at exams, certified by a foreign university. 
3.      The Applicant shall submit a certified translation of the documents into the Czech language.
Article 3
Procedure of Recognition
1.      Submitting the Application institutes the procedure of the recognition of university education and qualification, the course hereof being the responsibility of the Department of Research and Education, pursuant to the Act No. 500/2004 Sb., as amended, (further referred to as “the Rules of Administrative Procedure”). The aforementioned Department files records of the procedure.
2.      To review an application, the Rector requests the opinion by the Dean of a Faculty that conducts an analogical study programme or corresponds in its field of expertise to that of a foreign university.
3.      Upon considering the Application at the appropriate Faculty, the Dean confirms the equivalence of the Applicant’s university education with the requirements of a corresponding accredited study programme conducted by the Faculty, or s/he recommends a different way of processing the Application. The Dean enters his/her opinion into the Protocol. Should the Dean disapprove of an Application, his/her opinion contains an explicit justification of such disapproval, including major differences between the concerned programmes.
4.      Based on the submitted documents provided by the Applicant and upon the Dean’s opinion, the Rector makes the decision in terms of the recognition of the university education and qualification. The Department of Research and Education sends the notice of the Rector’s decision to the Applicant by personal delivery, together with the original documents enclosed to the Application.
5.      Providing that the Rector approves of the Application, the Department of Research and Education issues a certificate of:
a)      Recognition of university education and qualification, or
b)      Recognition of a part of university education, or
c)      Recognition of a particular exam (particular exams).
6.      Should the Rector not recognize the university education, he/she informs the Applicant by a notice, containing justification of such disapproval, recommendation for further actions to be taken to get the recognition, and an advice on appeal.
7.      The Rector’s decisions in terms of the recognition of university education and qualification and deadlines for processing the Applications are subject to the Administrative Procedure Code.
8.      The Department of Education and Research files records of submitted applications and issued certificates.
Article 3a
Recognition of a study part completed at a foreign university within the LLP/Erasmus programme
1.   The contents of study within the LLP/Erasmus programme at a foreign university is determined by the Learning Agreement or by a written amendment hereto (Learning Agreement, or Changes to Original Proposed Study Programme/Learning Agreement, hereinafter the „LA“), signed by the representative of a foreign partner university, by the student, by the institutional LLP/Erasmus coordinator and by the ECTS academic coordinator at the university.
2.   Students select the courses in the LA within a standard of 30 ECTS credits per a semester.
3.   Courses contained in the LA and completed at a foreign university, i.e. the courses indicated in the Transcript of Records (hereinafter the “ToR”), shall be recognized, upon the student´s return to the home university, as subjects completed within the framework of the study programme or the study branch at the university at which the student is registered, including the examination grades and credit value of a given subject.
4.   Courses completed at a foreign partner university have the status of substituting compulsory or semi-optional courses of the standard study programme/branch of study, or they have the status of optional courses. The ECTS academic coordinator shall decide about the substituting and substituted courses in cooperation with the study or programme course guarantors.
5.   Upon returning to the home university, the student presents the Transcript of Records of completed courses issued by the foreign university to the ECTS administrative coordinator and records the data about completed courses in the Information System Study Agenda (hereinafter the “IS STAG”).
6.   The university ECTS administrative coordinator checks upon the ToR concordance with the LA, verifying the correctness of the data recorded by the student into the IS STAG. The study department then adds the appropriate attributes to the substituting and the substituted courses. This provides for the recognition of courses studied abroad as an integral part of the student´s personal study plan.
Article 4
Final Provisions
1.      The Directive comes into effect on 15th January 2007.
2.      The following appendices make an integral part of the Directive:
Appendix No.1 – Recognition of university education and qualification – application form
3.      This Directive voids the Directive No. 16/2005 – Recognition of university education and qualification achieved at a foreign university by the University of Pardubice.
Application for recognition  DOC file
Dated in Pardubice, on the 8th January 2007,                          prof. Ing. Jiří Málek, DrSc.