Academic authorities

The Rector is the main representative and executive body of the University. Rectors are elected by the Academic Senate for the period of four years and appointed by the President of the Czech Republic.  The Academic Senate is  the  supreme body of the University, elected by the Faculties.
The Rector appoints  the Deans of Faculties, Vice-Rectors for different professional fields,  an Advisory Board, and Scientific Council.
The Academic Senate is elected from the members of the Academic Staff and  the student  body every three years.
The Board of Directors is appointed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.
Faculties are the main bodies of the University. They provide educational, research and development activities.
The Rectorate is a complex of different professional Departments, responsible for  the organizational, technical and financial activities of the University.
A number of specialized centres, associations, institutions and organizations work as part of the University on its premises.