Centre for Information Technology and Services

Centre for Information Technology and Services provides support for all IT systems at the University. Every student of the University recieves upon his registration a „NetID“. NetID is a unique identifier of students within the whole university systems. Students need this identification at every turn. NetID serves the students as a login to student intranet, to their student e-mail, when dowloading Office 365 under the university license, etc. At the University of Pardubice you will find:
3,500 PC working stations
90 PC labs with 1120 computers
200 zero clients & 300 virtual desktop systems
13,000 PC students‘ accounts
Printers and scanners
Contact free student cards
Free Office 365 for all students
Eduroam wireless interenet connection
Wireless Wi-Fi and wired network Eduroam in each university building and on the whole University campus which enables students to be online on any kind of devices.