Methodology materials as UNICOM project outputs

Implementation of innovations within the UNICOM project generates a lot of valuable experience of teaching procedures in the area of foreign language tuition in tertiary education that are worth sharing. The knowledge gained during the UNICOM implementation period project at the Language Centre may serve as inspiration for other teachers of foreign languages at universities, motivation for expert discussions in foreign language methodology or as a starting point of different types of university partner cooperation. Therefore one of the UNICOM project output presents a teaching material aiming at the systematic and diversified methodology gained by the Language Centre teachers in the implementing of innovations in teaching foreign languages for specific purposes. The material reflects the characteristics of students of foreign languages for specific purposes, general and partial objectives of teaching , character of the relating teaching and learning styles, applied methods and teaching techniques, including e-learning and videoconferences. The materials include, among others, different aspects of language testing and evaluation forms, seeking to give a true picture of the complex character of a foreign language teacher´s role in the tertiary level of education.