Project UNICOM – Innovation of the integrated concept of learning foreign languages to ensure quality, to support excellence and internationalization  
CZ. 1.07/2.2.00/28.0123
Aid recipient:: University of Pardubice – Language Centre
Project partner: Český a moravský účetní dvůr, s.r.o. 
Project period: 1. 1. 2012 – 31. 12. 2014
The main idea of project UNICOM is innovation of the foreign language concept towards guaranteed quality and support to talented students and optimization of conditions for the development of internationalization in education, research and development at the University of Pardubice.  The objective is to make a stimulating academic environment to facilitate communication of science and research outcomes in a foreign language and to equip the university graduates with competitive communicative competence in a foreign language.
Target groups of the project are undergraduate and postgraduate students in full-time and combined study programmes, academic and non-academic university employees. The greatest benefit for the students is an innovated language instruction, integration of specialized study modules (intercultural communication, video-conferencing, etc.) and introduction of higher quality evaluation tools and electronic support to language learning to achieve higher learning autonomy. Academic and non-academic staff will benefit from the project through the development of communicative competence and interactive learning, improving their competitiveness, professional development and international cooperation.
Key activities:
1. Innovation of education towards standardization – innovation of courses and educational modules
of language learning, piloted in undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes
2. Support to excellence and individualization – meeting the needs of talented students and scientists in terms of their further foreign language and intercultural development towards effective communication of publication outcomes
3. Formation of foreign language university environment including the unified terminology database
4. Support through E-learning - development of Learning Management Systems (STAG, Moodle, Mahara) foreign language learning tools
5. Support through ICT – development of ICT foreign language learning and intercultural communication tools
6. Support to professional growth – development of foreign language competence of academic and organizational staff of the University of Pardubice, development in specific fields of applied linguistics of the Language Centre academic staff
„PROFESSIONAL communication -  success in your profession “