Scheme for Bachelor and Master Programs  Students with Business Focus

The above scheme is a collaboration between The Language Center of University of Pardubice and University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Preston, UK.


Aim of the Scheme

The scheme builds on students’ knowledge of English and aims to raise their awareness of intercultural aspects of international business and develop their communication skills.


Preliminary dates
March 6 to March 11, 2017



Preston, UK


Which students does the scheme target?

Students interested should have a command of the English language at the CEFR B1 level and above and they are expected to be interested in cultural aspects of international communication and business.


How does this work?


UPa students visit UCLan where several joint classes are held. Students will conduct short project work. Students attend formal social functions with university and local government representatives.  The itinerary also includes informal social contact with UCLan students and visiting places of interest in the Preston area.



Costs are funded by UPa grants (travel, accommodation, food, entrance fees).
Personal expenses are not included.


How to apply?

Students interested in participation will send an application and a cover letter to the following e-mail address: by December 6, 2016.

 The cover letter will be a 350 word long document in which applicants:

-  outline why they are applying for the program and explain how their participation will  help further their academic or professional development

 - mention any educational or professional experience with a multicultural environment (e.g. Buddy Program, Erasmus stay, trip abroad, contact with foreign friends, etc.) to which they may have been exposed and explain their impact.


Applicants will receive an e-mail with the invitation to the interview.