The Success of Jakub Zimola in the UK

Do you have any ideas? Talk about them and start to work on them!
 Economics student won a prestigious British competition for student innovators.
3rd year student in the Faculty of Economic Administration, Jakub Zimola, who currently studies at our partner British university, UCLan in Great Britain, was among seven student innovators competing for the award. He won and took away a financial reward of £5,000 to further develop his ideas. The winning ideas concentrate on a solution to the problems in the area of education, which students themselves experience. Jakub's Survey Exchange offers a quality platform for students and their research, where filling in a questionnaire functions on the basis of reciprocity and a unique points system. (Further details may be found here.)
The competition was organized by the non-profit organization JISC which operates in the area of the digital innovation of educational systems and research. Together with partners, JISC organized in August 2016 the fourth competition, Summer of Student Innovation, traditionally attracting participants from the most prestigious British universities. Winning this competition means help in realizing the student's ideas and getting them onto the market, as well as a direct means of achieving practical experience in the region of creative design, research and managing projects.
Jakub followed up on his May success when he presented his project on the grounds of the University of Pardubice  to five students from several countries in the framework of the program Language and Culture Scheme, sponsored by the Language Center of the Upa. (See the article in the University's e-news 24.5.2016) He presented his ideas in an understandable way and defended them to the professional jury, which consisted of Deans of the Faculty of Economic Management, David Leeming from UCLan, managers of the company Nonstop Recruitment, Dusan Palkovice and Oliver Donoghue, Iain Sellers from Portland Trust and Glenn Spicker, owner of the chain Burrito Loco and the Museum of Communism in Prague.