Translations and Language Consultations

The Language Centre (LC) provides translations, proofreading and editing of texts in English. The translation team mainly deals with texts contributing to the formation of multi-language university environment, that is various internal documents, such as directives, operating manuals, information brochures for students and general public, etc.).
University-produced texts are often written and translated into English at different faculties and departments; therefore their terminology is not unified. The LC aims at the maximum standardization of university terminology by making a joint database of the most frequently used terminology, including the names of individual departments.
The Czech-English and English-Czech glossary has already been launched at the LC website (see Lingua link) and made accessible to the university users, including the function of comments to individual translations.

The Language Centre has extensive cooperation with a team of experienced translators and interpreters. Head of the translation team is Mgr. Yveta Linhartová, Ph.D. (LC), to whom you can address your comments to the glossary.