International Examinations in German
(Das Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch)
The Österreichische Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) is an officially recognized examination system of German language exams based on strict quality criteria determined in cooperation between the two Austrian federal ministries. The system corresponds with the international directives of the Council of Europe and serves as an internationally recognized proof of language skills in German. The Diploma improves your chances in everyday life, on labour market, in entrance examinations at universities and other educational instiutions, that is wherever a certificate of language skills in German is required. By the Decree of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the ÖSD examination is listed among the standardized language examinations.
The ÖSD is a communication-focused examination system whose objective is to verify candidates´ skills in view of different situtations. Although the examination was drafted in Austria, it reflects also the standard language variants of German and Swiss variant. This is the reason why the comprehension-focused parts use authentic texts from all the German speaking countries. The ÖSD graduates are then prepared for all varieties of the German language.
The ÖSD diploma can accompany a candidate´s CV as a verified and comprehensive certificate of language skills. The Mittelstufe Deutsch replaces a language certificate required at certain Austrian and German universities.
Examinations can be passed without undergoing language preparatory courses; it is performed and evaluated in compliance with individual criteria. As a standardized examination with a precisely defined target level, the ÖSD is a recognized certificate of knowledge in the fields such as education and economics.
The ÖSD offers the following examination levels:
GD – Grundstufe Deutsch A2: For beginners who passed about 250 language lessons. Candidates should be able to communicate on elementary level in everyday situations. The core of the examination is based on receptive skills enabling the elementary communication. 
ZD – Zertifikat Deutsch B1: For intermediate candidates who took about 500 lessons.  Candidates are able to handle everyday situations and essential communication at work. This examination evaluates also the formal correctness.
MD – Mittelstufe Deutsch B2: For advanced students who took about 1000 lessons.
Candidates can express their detailed opinion about various converstation topics, spontaneusly react to a native speaker and communicate with them fluently. The exam proves the language competence in situations covering private, public and working life. Understanding of specialized vocabulary corresponding to candidate´s field of interest is expected.
The examination may be used as a proof of entrance language skills at certain Austrian universities.
OD - Oberstufe Deutsch C1: Candidates on this level can communicate in different situations of social and working life. The examination proves language competence demonstrating a high correctness and precise focus in various situations.
WD – Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch C2: The examination assumes a very good preparedness on the Oberstufestufe C1 level and, at the same time, a specialized languge competence in business and economics. The target group are adult users who need German in business professions or students of economic fields aiming at additional qualification.
Contents of the examination:
· understanding authentic text
· writing
· speaking
Knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling is evaluated implicitly.
Terms and preparatory courses:
The Language Centre  of the University of Pardubice organizes during the academic year a minimum of two sessions (April and November) including the prep-course acquainting candidates with the exam format for individual levels.
Detailed information is published in the news on the LC UPa website.
VENUE: Language Centre, Studentská 95, Pardubice 532 10
CERTIFICATE: successful candidates obtain the international certificate ÖSD
Mgr. Ilona Bourová: ilona.bourova@upce.cz, tel.:466 036 233
Mgr. Šárka Zikešová: sarka.zikesova@upce.cz, tel.: 466 036 233