About us

Testing laboratory AL DFJP courries out accredited and unaccredited tests which concerns of Jan Perner Transport faculty educcation activity.
Testing laboratory AL DFJP has certificate of accredition (actual certificate of accreditation) for tests in the area of bridge loading and measuring for contact geometry wheelset-track. The tests are carried out in the area specificated in apendix of the certificate of accreditation.
Testing laboratory AL DFJP consists of 4 specialized Branches:
  • Specialized Branch SP1: „Bridge loading test“
    (AL MZ 1-1, ČSN 736209)
Accredited test
  • Specialized Branch SP4: „Acceleration measurement to determine running behaviour
    of railway vehicles

    (AL MZ 4-1, UIC 518, EN 14363)
Unaccredited test
  • Specialized Branch SP5: „Tensometric measurement of steel structures
    (AL MZ 5-1)
Unaccredited test
  • Specialized Branch SP6: „Measurement of wheel and rail profiles for the determination of the wheelset-track contact geometry“
    (AL MZ 6-1, UIC 519)
Accredited test
Location of specialized Branches:
SP1, SP5 Pardubice
SP4, SP6 Česká Třebová
Zkušební laboratoř AL DFJP
Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1472
Studentská 95, 532 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Adress - Subsidiary at Česká Třebová:
Nadražní 547, 560 02 Česká Třebová