Study programmes

Study branch: Transport Means – Road/Rail Vehicles
The aim of this course is preparation of specialists qualified for creative technical branches as well as managerial roles in the field of design, construction, maintenance, and operation of road and railway vehicles. The graduate has knowledge from theoretical subjects, and can use the systems for construction support (CAD, MKP, ProEng). He has knowledge from the theory and construction of the vehicles and their maintenance, vehicle testing, as well as use of modern construction materials. The graduate finds employment especially in higher operational and managerial positions, in the field of construction, production, operation, and repair of transport means. He can also advance himself in the sphere of research and development or in higher positions of state and regional administration.
Study branch: Applied Informatics in Transport
The study branch Applied Informatics in Transport of the follow-up study programme Transport Engineering and Communications follows especially the branch of the same name of the bachelor study programme Transport Technologies and Communications, but also other bachelor study branches from the field of information technologies, respecting the Bologna convention. The students have the chance to gain deeper theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in the field of applied informatics with specialization in independent creative and design work and suppositions for specialization in the field of informatics in transport. The master study programme of this branch is aimed especially towards the field of information technologies from the point of methods of rational information processing, algorithmization and use of modern programming languages, building and administration of databases and information systems, system analysis applications, administration and service of computer networks with respect to its interdisciplinary character. The graduate can use in practice the theoretical knowledge from the field of information technologies, theory of control and decision making in systems, transport technology, transport economics, transport theory and other disciplines. The graduate is able to control information technologies focused on data processing, use modern programming languages, project and realize construction and administration of databases and information systems, create system analysis applications. He masters problems of designing and administration of computer networks. The aim of the study branch is the education of qualified specialists, able to maintain managerial positions in organizations, especially in the field of information technology use. The obtained knowledge enables independent work during the design, innovation and operation of control and information systems in transport.