General profile of the study branches

Study programme:

Technique and Technology in Transport and Communications

Study branch: Transport Means and Infrastructure
The student of this course learns to solve theoretically demanding problems occuring in the field of transport means and infrastructure. He  gains thorough knowledge of mathematics,  strentgh of materials, dynamics, reliability and service life, completed with special knowledge from the field of vehicles and infrastructure. Ïn particular he masters computational and experimental methods of transport means and transport route interaction analysis. He further masters diagnostic methods of vehicle and transport route design and the following methods of planning, maintenance and reconstruction. He is albe to actively communicate with international experts. The graduate can assert himself in creative development of the field`s problematics at the scientific-research organizations and also at the universities. He can work in top positions of designing institutes and managerial positions solving demanding theoretical problems of transport vehicles and transport route. He can be employed also in the government administration in the managerial positions for complex solving of transport means and infrastructure issues.