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When applying …
Recognition of Foreign Education
All applicants who have obtained education in a foreign country, must have their education certificate (school-leaving certificate in case of applicants for a bachelor study/bachelor degree diploma in case of applying for a master study/ master degree diploma in case of applying for a doctoral study) officially recognized by the Czech education system. The recognition of secondary school certificate is performed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic(for more information see: The recognition of
 university degrees can be done by the University of Pardubice (for more information follow: ).
Student Visa
Since May 2004 the Czech Republic is a full member  of the European Union. However, for applicants from non-European countries it is not possible to enter the Czech Republic without a valid visa and a passport. On average the visa application procedure (provided that the student applies for a long-term visa) takes about three months.
It is highly recommended to find out the information about visa procedures even before filling in the application form and check in advance the rate of success for obtaining student visa with the Czech Embassy/Consulate in the applicant`s home country not to lose time and energy in case the rate of successful applicants is too low!
The list of Czech embassies is available here:
More information on the visa application on the websites of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic here:
Medical/Travel Insurance:
All students studying temporarily in the Czech Republic are obliged to arrange the appropriate medical/travel insurance before entering the country. The University of Pardubice will not take any responsibility for accidents, injuries, property losses, damages etc.
At the university…
General organization of the academic year:
Winter term:    Oct – Jan                             lecture period
                           End of Dec                         Christmas holidays
                           Jan – Feb                             examination period
Summer term: Feb – May                            lecture period
                           May – June                          examination period
                           July – Aug                           summer holidays
Safe and modern accommodation is available for Czech as well as International students in the University Halls of Residence. International students will be guaranteed a place in Halls of Residence if they have met University entry requirements and complied with University booking conditions for the number of bed spaces is limited. The University provides accommodation offering furnished bedrooms shared by two or more students within the University campus. The prices are between CZK 2400-4500 (EUR 100-190) per month. Student's rooms are provided on a self-clean basis.
Dining Services:
Meals are served in the main Dining Hall located within the University campus. About 4 different meals are on the daily menu supplemented by meals by order a la minute. An electronic system using chip cards is used. The regular cost is around CZK 35 (EUR 1.5) per meal and CZK 60 (EUR 2) per a la minute meal.
University Campus:
Modern University campus sits in the walking distance from the City Old Town and City Castle. The campus is surrounded by landscaped grounds and the River Labe from one side and by shopping, catering and entertainment facilities from the other side. The campus and the surrounding area provide safe place to live. They are served by frequent bus service and the local area is cycle-friendly for those who prefer pedal-power. A frequent rail service to Prague means that the capital is only 55 minutes away by train. Both the University campus as well as the city offer an excellent living environment. Live and relaxed, the campus and its surrounding area is the perfect place for the students to settle in the postgraduate life, meet friends and study.
University Library:
The University Library is located at the heart of the campus. The University Gallery is the part of the Library. A stock of over 195 000 books plus a wide range of periodicals are on offer for all students as well as the access to the internet, scanners and printers.
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General information on study in the Czech Republic:
Information on the Czech Republic: