Bachelor Programme

Study programme

  Transport Technology and Communications

Study field

  Transport Means


  Bachelor in Transport means

Level of qualification


Mode of study  


Standard length of study

  3 years

Number of ECTS credits allocated


Qualification awarded

  Bachelor (abbr. Bc., equivalent of BSc.)

Access to further studies

  Masters study programme

Graduation requirements

  State Bachelor´s examination and Bachelor´s 
  thesis defense

Tuition fee (per academic year)

  Max. 2,500 EUR


The branch of study Transport Means – Railway vehicles focuses upon solving problems of railway transport means their construction, operational use, maintenance and repair. The theoretical preparation is completed with professional internships, which follow the taught professional courses and acquaint the student with specific problems occuring in practice. A preparing of specialist for technical career is the aim of bachelor study programme. Graduates can be employe in corporations, which deals with operation, repair or maintenance of railway vehicles. Design of railway vehicles or business activities in this field are also possible use of this study branch graduates. Within the study, students complet not only specialized courses focused to railway vehicles but also universal technical courses which enables them to emloy also in other technical careers out of field railway vehicles. Study programme contens basic technical courses like Matematics, Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Termomechanics, Hydromechanics, Elektrical Engineering, Machine Parts, Materials, Mechanical Technology, Technical Measurement or CAD systems as well as some universal courses like Programming, Economy or Transport Technology. Specialized courses are focused to Mechanics in Transport, Design of Railway Vehicles, Combustion Engines, Electrical Drive or Operation, Maintanance and Repair of Railway Vehicles. All students’ complet also practical courses in operation. Some courses are completed by excursions, e.g. to one of the best testing centre in Europe which is equipped by testing circle for maximum speed 200 kmph. After bachelor study graduates can continue with studying of master degree in the same study branch.