General rules for the doctoral study at the University of Pardubice are formulated in [1]:„Study and Examination Regulations“, especially in the Part 3. (
The rules for the application and admission procedure at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty are defined in [2]:„Application and Admission Procedure“. (
In addition to both regulations, the following rules hold:
The person interested in the doctoral study can choose a topic of his/her future PhD thesis from the list published on the official notice-board of the Faculty. (For academic year 2012/2013 see  In special cases, he or she can also propose his/her own topic. In such case, however, the applicant must contact the potential supervisor before submitting the application form, and discuss with him/her all issues related to the topic and study. The structure of email address of University employees is:
Together with the application form and other materials as defined in [2], the applicant submits two recommendation letters from university professors. A recommendation letter from a specialist in the branche is also possible.     
The form of study can be full-time or part-time. The organisation of study and general rules for study assessment are described in [1], Art. 10 and Art. 11.
The details of the study course of a doctoral student are formulated by his/her supervisor (in discussion with the student) and approved by the Head of the supervising department or by Professional Board. This regards especially the selection of obligatory and optional subjects to study and their time ordering, and the student´s presence and activities at the department. Part-time students may be in contact with the supervisor and teachers of the individual subjects either directly or via e-mail, phone, Skype or similar means.
The student is informed in due time about the demands regarding the individual subjects and examinations. Usual condition for admission to an examination is the submission of a written study on the topic (and extent) formulated be the pertinent teacher. All examinations are performed at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty in Pardubice, at dates prearranged by the pertinent teacher and student. The contacts of the doctoral student with individual teachers and other specialists are facilitated by the supervisor, who also helps in the preparation of time schedule of individual examinations and his/her other activities.
The State Doctoral Examination (cf. Art. 14 of [1]) also takes place at the Jan Perner Faculty in Pardubice. After passing it, the doctoral student continues working on the PhD. thesis under supervision of his/her supervisor.
Jaroslav Menčík, 27. 2. 2012