Students successfully presented Jan Perner Transport Faculty at ISLC Network conference in Barcelona

At the end of last year our university received an invitation from our colleagues from JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland to become a member of ISLC Network and to participate in conference that was held from 9th to 12th of March 2013 in Barcelona. This opportunity was accepted very positively and a group of students started to prepare for representing our university and faculty in ISLC Network that is undoubtedly a high transport a logistics society
ISLC (International Sustainable Logistics Conference) Network is the group of selected universities focused on the field of transportation and logistics all over Europe represented by students and teachers. Each year one of the universities holds a conference for the whole network where current topics and questions related to sustainable and effective transportation and logistics in Europe are presented, shared and discussed among students and teachers from different European countries. The current members of the Network are as follows: University of Huddersfield – Great Britain; Institut Supérieur Logistique Transport – France; SRH Hochschule für Logistik und Wirtschaft – Germany; Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen – Netherlands; JAMK University of Applied Sciences – Finland; Universidad Camilo José Cela – Spain.
All participants were required to prepare and present their own presentation connected with the given topic “European sustainable logistics”and create a poster representing their university and the topic. The students of DMML department – Hana Dariusová, Iveta Marcellová, Jan Lacina and Jiří Duben created the presentation called  Effective transport connection of the Czech Republic with west-european countries.This work contained defined problems and obstacles, students´ own research and calculation, possible suggestions and  a conclusion. The next part of conference included several case studies, group works, presentations and excursions related with conference subtitle Short Sea Shipping and Motorways of the Seas. All students in conference were divided into international groups and had to solve some real logistics problems and find out their own solution that was presented at the end of the conference. A transport costs analysis, EU transport legislative, TEN-T network, E-maritime were some of the presentations which were prepared for students. Very inspiring excursions involved a boat visit of the Port of Barcelona and Grimaldi lines Ship including loading and unloading operations,  a visit of the bridge area and engine rooms.
In spite of the fact that University of Pardubice was a new member in this network and its students did not have any previous experience with this type of conference, presentation of our university and our students were evaluated as the best ones and University of Pardubice became the winner among the rest of universities. Students with the best presentation gained respect and appreciation. Furthermore Jan Lacina was in a group that was the best at case study solution.
Students from University of Pardubice achieved a great success within this conference and they contributed to increasing awareness of quality our university in Europe. Other benefit is that our university established connection with other universities in the form of exchange programs of students of transportation and logistics. Our university as a winner was given an honour to organize ISLC Network conference in 2014.
I would like to express sincere thanks to Dean of our faculty prof. Bohumil Culek, CSc. who provided us with support for this conference and without his support we couldn´t participate. We would like to also thank our teacher doc. Petr Průša for his professional leading and cooperation.
I hope that this whole event was great promotion for University of Pardubice and Transport Faculty of Jan Perner and it is just a beginning because we have established annual participation in ISLC Network for our next student successors who will replace us in the following years.
as representative of student´s group
Jiří Duben