Jan Perner Transport Faculty is conceived as a multi-disciplinary institution with a business-economic and technological-technical specialization. These specialists are eligible to expertly engineer, organize and control technological processes in transport and postal systems, effectively communicate with customers and governing bodies, carry out acquisition, transportation, business and forwarding activities, ensure operation, maintenance and renewal of transport means and infrastructure.

In academic year 2002/2003 the accrediting committee of the Czech Republic approved so called structured studies, which have been realized since. The studies contain three levels: bachelor, master (engineer) and doctoral level. By this, a principle step has been made by integration of our faculty in the system of European tertiary education which enables the mutual mobility of students and pedagogues. This system solution increases career potentialities of our alumni in a global and severe competitive environment.

Jan Perner Transport Faculty has all the attributes of the university workplace: doctoral study, inaugural right and the right of professorial proceedings.

The faculty is involved in the projects of basic and applied research not only in domestic field but also in the field of international cooperation.