Branch of study Transport Technology and Control

Branch of study
The study of this branch prepares specialists for the employment with enterprises dealing with passenger, freight and combined transportation. Core subjects include operational analysis, informatics, logistics, technology and management of different transport modes, economics, modelling in transport.
The students gain up-to-date knowledge in transportation technology, above all in the sectors of road and rail traffic in all levels (regional, urban and international). 
Aim of study
The purpose of the study is to equip the transport engineers with the basic knowledge of the individual modes of transport. Undergraduates can profile themselves according to their wish by selecting optional courses or compulsory options during their study. By selecting their diploma thesis topic they can tackle problems of particular modes of transport.
Graduates‘career prospects
The graduates can find a job in organizations dealing with public passenger or freight transport. In the course of study the students have a lot of opportunities for contacts with the employees of cooperating enterprises, e.g. the Czech Railways (on the level of stations or the Directorate General) or companies operating in urban or regional bus transport.
Qualifications for foreign activities
Our graduates are capable to work abroad. Their knowledge of foreign languages is improved in different courses organized by the University.
Current University education provided by the Department of Transport Technology and Control
Three-year Bachelor Degree Study (BSc)
is carried out by studying the branch of study Transport Technology and Control in the programme Transport Technology and Communications.
The aim of the bachelor branch of study Technology and Control of Transport is to enable the students successful work on an analysis and subsequent rationalisation in the field of technology and control of all traffic modes, urban public traffic as well as integrated or intermodal systems.
Students gain practical skills in co-operation with Czech Railways, local transport enterprises of towns and operators of road transport. The graduates get professional expertise in management of all kinds of inland road transport. 
Two-year Master Degree Study (MSc)
The aim of studying the branch of study Transport Technology and Control is to create qualification for carrying out successful activities in analysis and in subsequent rationalisation and optimisation of contemporary technologies of organising the transport, in projecting of modern logistic systems and by their effective control, including prevention and control of crisis states in transport.
Three-year Doctoral Degree Study (PhD)
The graduates get deep knowledge in mathematics, operation research, information and control systems, transport and telecommunication systems, decision making, management, modern logistic systems, modelling of technological processes and new directions in technology and in strategic control. This knowledge can be applied in creative manner by solving complex problems of transport, transfer and telecommunication processes. They are also able to communicate with foreign institutions of this expertise in at least two foreign languages.
Specialised teaching takes place in transport laboratories Technology and Control of Transport as well as at companies the chair co-operates with.
More information can be found on the web pages of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty in the section Study.