Research and expert activities of the department are focused on the soil mechanics, concrete and steel transport structures, diagnostics of road and railway structures.

JPTF is a member of the National Technology Platform Interoperability of the Railway Infrastructure and National Technology Platform for Road Transport.

Research is being conducted within the framework of projects and programmes of:
  • Development programmes of the University Development Fund (FRVŠ),
  • Development programmes of the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR),
  • Development programmes of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT),
  • Other projects.

Recently  solved research projects

  • MŠMT - Popularization of transport research results (Popularizace výsledků dopravního výzkumu), Source: MŠMT CZ.1.07/2.3.00/35.0030
  • MŠMT - Application potential development (Rozvoj aplikačního potenciálu), Source: MŠMT CZ.1.07/2.4.00/17.0117
  • FRVŠ - Use of multi-channel GPR for educational process of transport engineering structures diagnosis and monitoring (Využití vícekanálového georadaru pro výuku diagnostiky a monitoringu inženýrských dopravních staveb), Source: FRVŠ 475/2013
  • FRVŠ -  Innovation of the subject Geodesy and Cartography on Jan Perner Transport Faculty (Inovace studijního předmětu Geodézie a kartografie na Dopravní fakultě Jana Pernera), Source: FRVŠ 2011/976
  • FRVŠ - Innovation of the subject Cad Systems on Jan Perner Transport Faculty (Inovace technického studijního předmětu Digitální navrhování na Dopravní fakultě Jana Pernera), Source: FRVŠ 2011/1105
  • FRVŠ - The development of DTS laboratory DFJP UPa (Rozvoj laboratoře Katedry dopravní infrastruktury DFJP UPa), Source: FRVŠ1401/2007
  • GAČR P104/10/1021, Cementitious composites in extreme temperature regimes (Cementové kompozity v režimu extrémních teplot), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/08/1197, Analysis of local mechanical behavior of fiber reinforced concrete in underground structures (Analýza lokálního mechanického chování vláknobetonu v podzemním stavitelství), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/08/1340, Fatigue endurance of steel orthotropic bridge decks (Únavová odolnost ocelových ortotropních mostovek), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/05/2066, Determination of load-carrying capacity and lifetime of bridge structures (Stanovení provozní zatížitelnosti a životnosti mostních konstrukcí), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/05/0679, Modelling and back analysis of transport structures (Modelování a zpětná analýza dopravních staveb), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/06/1124, Stability of underground structures in extreme conditions (Stabilita podzemních staveb v mimořádných podmínkách), Source: GAČR
  • GAČR 103/08/0922, Influence of shocks and impact loading on structures (Vliv otřesů a nárazů na stavební konstrukce), Source: GAČR

Research and Development Activities

Organization and thematic structure of R&D at the Department of Transport Structures is shaped especially by specialization in particular expert areas of the department. Those are:
  • Bridge structures (concrete and steel),
  • Roads,
  • Railways,
  • Geotechnical structures (slope stability, foundation structures, underground structures).
Contemporary trends of research and development, given by thematic research priority areas in the European Research Area (ERA) and National Policy of Research and Development in the Czech Republic, tend to deal with research projects and grant opportunities in collaboration of more departments. External collaboration is performed with other universities, institutes of Czech Academy of Sciences, departmental institutes and foreign institutions.
The common feature of fundamental trends of R&D pursued at the Department of Transport Structures is the specialization in diagnosis of main transport structures, area of development of new materials, structures and technologies with respect to their durability and reliability, dynamic stresses during their lifetime, etc.
Research activity is realized within scope of research projects supported by grants of Czech Grant Agency, Czech Academy of Sciences and Czech Technological Agency, national authorities, particular ministries, European Union or construction companies. Thanks to 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, COST, Erasmus+ and other projects, there is a direct international collaboration at the department.
Judicial expert activities which are focused on defects of the transport structures in the Czech Republic are also emphasized.

Laboratory Equipment

  • Geotechnical field
  • Geotechnical modelling stand
  • Multichannel ground-penetrating radar
  • Concrete press 500 and 300 tons
  • ED 20 Universal testing machine
  • Total station and GPS Leica
  • Levelling instruments and theodolites
  • Triaxial and shear load frame
  • Oedometer
  • Proctor test apparatus
  • Electric oven up to 1200°C
  • Static and dynamic loading tests instruments
  • CBR testing equipment
  • Automatic thermal cycling apparatus
  • Planograph
  • Pull-off testing instruments
and can perform these activities:
  • Static tests, and to some extent dynamic tests, of steel and concrete elements of bridge structures or their scaled models, especially with regard to material fatigue.
  • Stress tests of concrete (press 300 tons).
  • Ordinary tests to determine data of physical properties of materials (press ED 20).
  • Geotechnical tests (moisture, absorption, sieving and densimeter test, density of solids, shear strength of soils, triaxial tests, oedometric compressibility of soils, fine-grained soil stress tests, modified Proctor Standard test).
  • In situ measurements
  • Loading tests of bridges
  • Experimental measurements in subsoil of transport structures
The workplace is equipped with geodetic instruments (levelling instruments, laser instruments, theodolites, total stations) and computers with specialized calculation programmes.

Consultation activities

  • Underground structures - expert consultations in problems of underground structures influence on their surroundings and in assessment of bearing parts of underground structures at extraordinary states
  • Geotechnical structures - expert consultations in assessment of geotechnical structures in serious disrepair
  • Bridge structures - expert consultations in diagnosis of concrete and steel bridge structures and assessment of their limit states
  • Road and railway structures - expert consultations in problems of road layers, especially their defects occurring in the design and building phase