Research activity of the Section of Diagnostics and Environment

The activity of the department is focused on reducing the negative effects of transport on the environment, in particular

  • evaluating the effectiveness of used noise and anti-vibration measures based on detailed measurement and data analysis in the time and frequency domain
  • optimization of existing measures and verifying the possibility of application of other methods of reducing noise and vibration generated by the interaction of the vehicle with the transport routhe
  • verification of the real applicability of noise simulations in the areas of vehicle design - the issue of noise vehicle optimization at the stage of design, testing and approval of vehicles in to operation
  • proposing immediate intervention or preventive maintenance
  • tribotechnical diagnostics (oil analysis, optimizing engine oil change intervals, evaluation wear regime of lubricated system based on the analysis of abrasion of particles)
  • the application of environmental management systems and methods of risk assessment methodologies in an environment of real firms