Research activities

  • The issues of driving characteristics of road vehicles.

The research is conducted at two levels - the experimental and simulation approach:

  • During the experiments is used own measuring system for measuring vehicle driving characteristics, consists mainly of two optical non-contact multifunctional sensors Correvit S-CE with integrated gyroscope.
  • Simulation calculations are performed in MSA system. Own models of road vehicles are developed. These models can then be used advantageously e.g. for detecting vehicle driving characteristics on stability threshold.
  • The issues of road safety.
Research in the area of BESIP has so far been mainly focused to influencing of behaviour of road users by media.
  • Ecological problems of operation and disposal of road vehicles.


  • Sensor of the velocity vector of the vehicle Correvit S-CE with integrated gyroscope (2x).
  • Dual-axis accelerometer ADXL 311
  • Optical gate BOS 36K.
  • Ultrasonic sensors U – GAGE (4x).
  • Decentralized measuring system based on data logger imc Cronos PL2/UNI8 (1x) and imc Cansas SCI 8 (2x).
  • Data logger system DATAQ DI-718B with the two voltage and one potentiometric module.
  • Strain gauge force sensors.
  • Static and dynamic adhesor for tire experiments.

Consulting activities

  • Alternative drive vehicles.
  • Road safety.
  • Ecological car disposal.
  • Computational modeling of parts of the vehicles and their construction.