Radioamateurs at Pardubice University

In summer 2011 the members of the Department of Informatics in Transport of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty founded a university amateur radio club with its calling sign OK1KID. The radio club founding members are Ing. Josef Šroll, Ph.D. (OK1SJ), Mgr. Ivan Panuška (OK1TPW) and doc. Ing. Josef Volek, CSc. The club has currently got more than 10 members, most of whom belong to the pedagogigal staff of the Department. The main idea for establishing the radio club was the fact that when talking about hobbies and interests the radio is not an exclusive domain of radioamateurs any more. It is also used by modellers, experimenters with remote radio and TV reception, CB users, and many others. Other significant users of radio contacts are various operators of means of transport not only on land but also in the air or on water. Amateur transmission is alive, expanding and has more than one million supporters all around the world. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its ability to keep abreast of everything new that appears in telecommunications technology.

Radioamateurs exchange confirmations of established radio communication in the format of a card, so called QSL cards. Our clubs grant sports trophies or radioamateur diplomas to those who are interested. Thousands of diplomas have been issued and all of them have got specific conditions for awarding them. These may be for instance making connections with the biggest number of countries around the world, making connections with amateur radio stations of a particular country or a region and sometimes fulfilling some other criteria within a certain time limit is necessary. Collecting these diplomas can be motivating for radioamateurs. In 2013 at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty (1993-2013) the members of the OK1KID radio club issued a commemorative diploma and thus made the faculty visible in the eyes of radioamateurs.

People (not only) from the academic community of University of Pardubice who are interested in radio amateur development are cordially welcome and can contact the current members of our radio club whenever, either personally or by e-mail at ;