About Department

The department is responsible for courses connected with informatics - fundamental informatics, algorithmization and programming, operating systems, application software, computer networks, computer graphics, discrete simulation, informatics for transport managers, information and control systems in transport and optimization methods on transportation networks.
The research activities of the department are aimed at creating discrete simulation models in transport networks, solving location problems on transport networks, designing information and control systems in transport and designing of computer-aided compilation of timetables. Scientific research is oriented towards the development of simulation models on transportation networks, solution of allocation problems and creation and implementation of information systems in transport.
Head of Department:
doc. Ing. Vladimír Jehlička, CSc.
Deputy Head of Department:
Greiner Karel, Ing. PhD.
Danilovičová Lenka
Section of Software Systems in Transport
Head: Greiner Karel, Ing. PhD.
The scope of research and development activities realized at section is mainly focused on dealing with:
  • Project Central Editor of Trains of Czech Railways
  • Location problems on networks
  • Web and desktop applications programming
  • Multimedia study supports for eLearning
Educational activities of the section members are aimed namely at teaching of courses focusing on Information and Communication technologies in all branches of study of the Jan Perner Transport Faculty, especially in the branch of study Applied Informatics in Transport. Further attention is paid to supervision of bachelor and diploma theses. Within the frame of Regional and Local Cisco Network Academy the members of the section act as the instructors for teaching in CCNA Courses 1 to 4 (Networking), IT Essentals I, II (PC Hardware and Software, Network Operating Systems) and Wireless LAN for the students of University of Pardubice.
Section of Applied Mathematics
Head: Kulička Jiří, Mgr. PhD.
The scope of research and development activities realized at the section is focused on:
  • Applications of operation research methods related to the fields of Transport and Logistics systems
  • Applications of statistics in transportation and decision making in transportation systems
  • Applications of fuzzy logic in transportation processes
  • Applications of genetic algorithms in optimization

Educational activities of all the section members are focused on teaching bachelor, master and PhD study programme courses of all branches of study at the Jan Perner Transport Faculty. Attention is also paid to supervision of diploma theses.


Research activities of PhD students match the department research orientation. PhD students also participate in teaching.