Where to Find Us

Our address
University of Pardubice
The Faculty of Transport Engineering
Studentska 95
530 10 Pardubice
Czech Republic

tel. (Head of the Department): +420 466 036 035
fax.: +420 466 036 497
How to find us
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Signalling in Transport is located in campus of University of Pardubice. From the Main Railway Station (bus stop "Hlavní nádraží") or Bus Station (bus stop "Autobusové nádraží") you can use bus no. 10 or 16 and get off at the bus stop "Univerzita" (alternatively you can use public transport no. 3, 17, or 33 and get off at the bus stop "Polabiny, Hradecká" or bus stop "Stavařov").
The department is located in a "blue" building, approximately in the middle of the campus. Ask for the Jan Perner Transport Faculty. You can enter from "Studentska" street.