Research activities

Research activities of the staff of the Subsidiary Česká Třebová are focused on the interaction of vehicles and tracks in close connection with the design of running gears of rail vehicles. As part of this research the staff are involved in the following topics:

  • Contact geometry wheelset-track

Study of interaction of wheel profiles with rail head profiles in order to reduce wear and improve running behavior. The research results are proposals of wheel profiles of rail vehicles for specific operation conditions. For theoretical calculations the input data are obtained from the measurements of real wheelset and track parameters in operation.

  • Vehicle-track interaction in curves of small radii

Investigating the causes and subsequent solutions to problems arising as a result of the vehicles running through curves of small radii. These include increased wear of wheels and railheads as well as creation of slip waves on inner rail.

  • Vehicle-track interaction on a straight track

Analysis of the running behavior of vehicles on a straight track at higher speeds and the ability to influence the unstable running of rail vehicle through shape of wheel profiles.

  • Dynamic response of vehicle running through a turnout

Experimental determination of the dynamic effects of the rolling stock in lateral and vertical directions when passing a turnout on a straight track at higher speed for a purpose of increasing the speed at main railway corridors. These issues include research of unstable vehicle running at higher speed to ensure comfort and safety of vehicles.

  • Computational simulations of vehicle running on a real track

Modelling of dynamic systems of rail vehicles running on a real track (track geometry, wheel and rail profiles) in order to optimize the structural design of the running gears with regard to safety and ride quality of vehicles.

  • Measurement of running and guiding behavior of rail vehicles

Based on the measurement of the acceleration of the vehicle parts and the deformation of the elastic and damping elements in the running gears of rail vehicles.

  • Research of the characteristics of traction systems from the point of torsional dynamic

Development of simulation models focused on the transient phenomena of a system in case of exceeding the limits of adhesion, which enabling e.g. prediction of loading of individual couplings or detection limits for setting up an anti-slip regulation of traction vehicles.

  • Experimental research on test stands of a railway and tram wheel

Test stands of the railway and tram wheels in the laboratories of the Faculty of Transport Engineering (located in the Educational and Research Centre in Transport) are used for the research in the areas of adhesion, force interaction in the wheel-rail contact, for measuring wheelset development or research and development of new types of electric drives and their regulation.