Fees & funding

The tuition fee is set to 10 000 CZK per academic year for the first 15 students who pass the entrance exams with the best score and reach at least 60% of points. The tuition fee does not include additional living costs and expenses in the range from 20 000 CZK to 35 000 CZK depending on the type of accommodation and transport in Lithuania. The tuition fee is set to CZK 46 849,- per academic year for other students. The student is obliged to pay the whole amount of the tuition fee immediately after being accepted as a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Pardubice, latest by August 31, 2018 and must send the original confirmation of payment to the Department of Education of the Faculty of Economics and  Administration University of Pardubice, Studentská 84, 532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic. The copy  of payment confirmation can be also sent to this e-mail address: jana.pekarova@upce.cz.  Once paid, the tuition fee is returnable only after submitting the confirmation of visa denial issued by the authorized Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Department of Education at FEA (refunds on tuition fees will be deducted a EUR 30 processing fee).


Payment details

University Account Name: Univerzita Pardubice

Account Number: 37030561/0100

Variable Symbol: 4920

Specific symbol: is available upon request at the study department

Constant symbol: 0308

Bank´s Name: Komercni banka Pardubice

Bank´s Address: Nam. Republiky 222, 530 78 Pardubice, Czech Republic