Application procedure

a) Application for Admission to the Master Programme

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2017/2018 academic year is April 30, 2017.

The application form will be available from March, 1st 2017.

The applicant is obliged to submit the completed and signed application form to the following address:

Department of Education

Faculty of Economics and Administration

University of Pardubice

Studentská 95

532 10 Pardubice

Czech Republic


The applicant is obliged to enclose a certified copy of the Bachelor diploma, a proof of nostrification of the Bachelor diploma (i.e. recognition by the Czech public university with similar accredited study programme or by the Czech Government authorities - general information about nostrification can be found on, curriculum vitae, copy of passport, and two passport photographs. All enclosed documents which are not originally in Czech or English must be translated into one of these languages and the translation must be certified.

Furthermore, the applicant is obliged to attach to the application an administrative fee payment confirmation.

Application fee is CZK 500.

University Account Name: Univerzita Pardubice

Account Number: 37030561/0100

Variable symbol: 4920

Specific symbol: your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY

Bank´s Name: Komercni banka Pardubice

Bank´s Address: Nam. Republiky 222, 530 78 Pardubice, Czech Republic


b) Acceptance Requirements

The joint study branch enrolls individuals who have graduated from first-cycle university-type studies and meet the following requirements:

  • a first-cycle university-type study programme completed and the Bachelor’s Degree awarded;
  • at least B2 level of English command according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages achieved;
  • submitted extended abstract (from eight to ten pages) of the Bachelor’s thesis or Seminar Project in the English language focused on methods used and the results achieved. The extended  abstract must include: aims, methodology, main results and contributions, references.
  • a study fee for the first year must be paid till 31.7. 2017 latest (confirmation will be sent to a study department till the same date)

Evaluation criteria – Bachelor´s thesis

Methodology: Workflow and methods, that are used to achieve aim, are clearly defined within the methodology - from 0 points up to 20 points.

Composition: The logic structure is well established. The text clearly expresses the intended meaning and is easy to follow. The text is grammatically correct and free of errors - from 0 points up to 20 points.

Content and Creativity: The arguments are clearly stated, the analysis is creatively performed - from 0 points up to 20 points.

Contribution: The main aim is fully completed. The extended abstract provides new results and information - from 0 points up to 20 points.

Diversity of references: List of references includes reasonable number of renowned books, scientific papers and research studies related to the topic - from 0 points up to 20 points.

The above mentioned criteria will be reviewed by the board (which will consist of 3 experts) of the appropriate field of specialization anonymously.

Evaluation criteria - English language

Applicant must pass the entrance examination in English language or the level of English can be proven by these documents: supplement of the undergraduate (first-cycle) education diploma with the assessment for a study subject of a foreign language (English) (B2 level, at least 6 ECTS credits), or a certificate of English test results (TOEFL Paper 513-547, TOEFL IBT 65-78, IELTS 5.5-6.0 levels) or another document certifying B2 level command of English.

c) Entrance Examination Evaluation

The entrance examination of English is a written exam and it is in the form of a test.

Each entrance examination will be evaluated with the following score:

  •  Abstract of the Bachelor´s thesis: from 0 points up to 100 points
  •  English language: from 0 points up to 100 points

The final score of the entrance examination is the total of all acquired points (max. 200 points).

Applicants with less than 20 points in any subject are unsuccessful.

Applicants with at least 20 points in each subject can become a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of Pardubice after handling all necessary formalities.

d) Entrance Examination Dates

The entrance examination tests will be sent via email, between the periods of 2.3.2017-30.5.2017  to each applicant on the pre-arranged day. The applicant is given a specified amount of time for sending back the answer sheet. In the case the applicant does not resend the answer sheet in the allotted time, the results of the entrance examination will not be considered.

e) Taking Decisions on Acceptance

At most, a total of 35 best applicants will be accepted in to the full time study programme based on their overall ranking.

f) Notice of Acceptance

A written confirmation from the Dean of the Faculty in regards to the applicant´s acceptance will be sent to the applicant via certified mail.

g) Review Proceedings

According to the § 50, par. 7 of the law no. 111/1998 Col., on universities and the change and completion of other laws (Law on Universitites) as amended by the subsequent regulation, the applicant who has not been accepted or his/her authorized representative may apply for a review of the resolution within 30 days from the delivery day of the resolution, which should be sent to the attention of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Pardubice.

h) Additional Entrance Examination

In extraordinary cases it is possible to accept the admissions application after the stated deadline. The applicant can also postpone the entrance examination until after the specified period (for example, in cases where the applicant does not have to apply for their visa, applicant has already been granted a visa, or applicant does not need a visa for entering the country).

i) Assessment and Payment of Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is set to 10 000 CZK per academic year for the first ten students who pass the entrance exams with the best score. The tuition fee does not include additional living costs and expenses in the range from 20 000 CZK to 35 000 CZK depending on the type of accommodation and transport in Lithuania. The tuition fee is set to CZK 49 911 per academic year for other students. The student is obliged to pay the whole amount of the tuition fee immediately after being accepted as a student of the Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Pardubice, latest by July 31, 2017 and must send the original confirmation of payment to the Department of Education of the Faculty of Economics and  Administration University of Pardubice, Studentská 84, 532 10 Pardubice, Czech Republic. The copy  of payment confirmation can be also sent to this e-mail address:  Once paid, the tuition fee is returnable only after submitting the confirmation of visa denial issued by the authorized Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Department of Education at FEA (refunds on tuition fees will be deducted a EUR 30 processing fee).

j) Payment details

University Account Name: Univerzita Pardubice

Account Number: 37030561/0100

Variable Symbol: 124

Specific symbol: is available upon request at the study department

Constant symbol: 0308

Bank´s Name: Komercni banka Pardubice

Bank´s Address: Nam. Republiky 222, 530 78 Pardubice, Czech Republic

k) Registration of Study

The student is obliged to appear on the day of registration at the Department of Education, which is set up  for the first day of the academic year 2016/2017 (i.e. 20. 10. 2017). In the case the student does not attend the registration of study, her/his study will be terminated immediately.

l) Deferment of Study

It is not possible to apply for the deferment of study.