Where to find us

The Faculty is located at Jiraskova street No. 3 in Litomysl,
the city in the Eastern part of the Pardubice region.
Buildings of the Faculty are situated opposite to the city museum and the castle.
The Faculty premises at Jiraskova 3 contain of a large building which originally had old, derelict ”workshops” at the rear. It needed extended renovation and adaptation before it could be used for educational purposes. Further there is a smaller building housing a workshops and a laboratory.
Adjacent to the site, there is a restored medieval tower, which serves as a school Museum of Restoration and Historical Technologies.
The school uses premises elsewhere in the town for lecture rooms and a dormitory for accommodation of students.
The following specialized facilities are available to the students:
- Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents,
- Studio of the Restoration and Conservation of Stone and Related Materials,
- Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Wall Painting and Sgraffito,
- Library with approximately 4,000 books,
- Computer Lab with an access to Internet,
- Chemistry Laboratory.