Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Artworks on Paper and Related Materials

Head of Studio:
Josef Čoban, akad. mal., e-mail, telefon 466 036 603
Mgr. et BcA. Petra Janská, e-mail petra.janská, telefon 466 036 603
Mgr. Dana Modráčková, e-mail, telefon 466 036 603
Mgr. art. Luboš Machačko, e-mail, telefon 466 036 603
MgA. Veronika Sochurek, e-mail, telefon 466 036 603
The essential part of the collections in museums, galleries and archives covers various kinds of graphic techniques,paintings and drawings on paper support. A lack of qualified restorers in this field caused some of these collections to be unmaintained. This new specialised study programme, unique in the Czech Republic, has not been taught in any other University.
The theoretical and practical skills of the restoration and conservation of paper are connected with the restoration of paintings, drawings and products of other graphic techniques. The main effort is given to the conservation of paper board in relation to the paint layers above. Historical interventions like additional relining of paper board on canvas or wood panel is also discussed.
Students are instructed not only in the area of restoration itself but also in the area of graphic preparation, principles of humanities, natural sciences, foreign languages, historici techniques etc. The graduates are able to analyze his/her own problems and to apply techniques of restoration and conservation of the work of arts on paper at a highly professional level.