Research and Development

Science and research projects
Project subsidized by the Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic (IGA MH CR)
The IGA MH CR is the professional advisory board of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for the research and development in the area of health. Targeted support of the IGA MZ CR is intended for projects of applied research and development, i.e. projects undertaken to acquire new knowledge directed to a specific, predetermined practical objective with given application of the results in health care.
Grant studies within the IGA MZ CR undertaken at the Faculty of Health Studies include: Examination of the sense of smell focusing on the workers in chemical industry (2005-2008), Development of diagnostic standards for professional damage of the elbow ulnar nerve (2009-2011), Management of diagnostics and therapy for disorders of swallowing (2012-2015), Development of methods for quantitative evaluation of the proportion of work risk factors in the aetiology of the lumbar spine chronic diseases and the formulation of clinical and hygienic criteria for evaluation of these diseases as occupational diseases (2013-2015).
Foreign grants
The Faculty was involved in an international project Mentoring in Nursing in Europe, which was implemented under Erasmus Intensive Programme in 2011 and 2012. The host institution was the Middlesex University of London, Great Britain.
Student Grant Competition subsidized by the Internal Grant Agency of the University of Pardubice
Students of doctoral and Master’s degree study programmes are involved in these projects under guidance of academic staff of the Faculty. In 2013, the following projects were worked on:

1. The quality of care in health facilities in 2016.

2. Assessment of health condition of patients in otorhinolaryngology.

Publishing activities
The result of research and development work of the Faculty is quite extensive publishing activity. Members of the Faculty staff publish annually up to 100 original scientific papers in both Czech and international peer-reviewed journals; they also publish monographs.