Department of Informatics, Management and Radiology

About the Department

The Department of Informatics, Management and Radiology continues in the work of the Department of Informatics. The Department was renamed to better reflect its activities at the Faculty. The Department provides lessons in courses of informatics, statistics, management and economy and courses from radiology branch.


Currently, the Department offers Bachelor’s degree programme Radiology Assistant in full-time form of study. The aim of the study programme is implementation of professional training for radiology assistants, who are qualified medical professionals in use of radiology and radiation technology for wide range of techniques of diagnostic and non-diagnostic imaging and therapeutic application of ionizing radiation.


In addition to provision of study of the branch Radiology Assistant, the aim of the Department is also provision of general lessons of courses which enable students to gain an overview in the use of information technology in health, economy and health care management and statistical methods which help student with data processing within their theses.


The role of the Department is also to ensure sufficient computer and audiovisual facilities for the Faculty not only for the lessons but for independent work of students. In 2010 and 2011 the staff of the Department was able to obtain projects subsidized by the University Development Fund for upgrade of computer laboratory and study room and innovation of audiovisual equipment in lecture classrooms in the amount of CZK 1.2 million. In 2011 the project was worth nearly CZK 0.5 million and secured further audiovisual technology in specialized classrooms. In October 2012 all classrooms including the specialized ones were equipped with Internet access.


As a part of the Student Grant Competition at the University of Pardubice the project “Management competencies of the middle level for nursing care in a medical facility” was implemented at the Department in 2011. In 2012 there was a project focusing on communication in medical facilities. In 2013 two-year project “Quality of care in medical facilities” was started. It deals with following topics:


  • Evaluation of the quality of care in maternity wards through the eyes of clients
  • Evaluation of the quality of care in maternity wards
  • Evaluation of the quality of care provided in a medical facility by outpatients
  • Evaluation of the quality of care provided in a medical facility by hospitalized patients
  • Nosocomial infections and monitoring of their occurrence
  • Evaluation of the quality of perioperative care
  • Safe administration of medications in a medical facility


The Department is also involved in the project “Quality” in cooperation with all 5 hospitals in Pardubice region and also cooperates in the area of competencies of non-medical professionals. In cooperation with company STAPRO the Department provides lessons of hospital information systems.


Within the framework of the study branch Radiology Assistant the Department cooperates with professionals from specialized centres with high erudition in the field. It concerns centres of radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine of following institutions:


  • Hradec Králové Teaching Hospital
  • Regional Hospital of Pardubice (joint venture)
  • Multiscan, s. r. o. Pardubice
  • Dimed, s. r. o. Chrudim


Informatics and management fields both play increasingly important role in operation of medical facilities and health care system and it is expected that in coming years both information technologies and management will act as main important factors of the development and prosperity of health care. For our graduates it is necessary to understand basic principles of health management care and not to become observers of practise, to understand well context of management processes, structure of national and international health care systems as well as modern trends in the area. Having above mentioned in mind all the staff of the Department is trying to fulfil their mission.




Head of the Department:


Ing. Jana Holá, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 466 037 737



Pavla Fořtová

Phone: +420 466 037 541