Scientific and teaching activities

The neurological clinic provides education in nursing programs in the field of General Nursing, both full-time and part-time form, in health and social studies in full-time, in the field of Midwifery in full-time and program specialization in paramedic studies. The master's program provides education study program in Nursing, specialized in selected clinical areas.
In addition, we are involved in teaching medical students at Charles University in Hradec Králové and post-graduate medical training in neurology. One of widely developing educational programs is the field of public health studies.
Research activities:
The Neurology Clinic intensively participates in research activities.
NF 6348-3/2000, Immunological diagnosis of autoimmune neuropathies
IGA 4804-3/2005, Verification of measuring pressures in the carpal tunnel operations minimally invasive techniques
IGA MZ: 1A/8667-4, examination of smell, focusing on working in the chemical industry
IGA MZ: NS10324-3/2009, development of standard diagnostics damage to the ulnar nerve
OP Education for Competitiveness Ministry of Education: Educational CZ.1.07/2.4.00/12.0046 Cerebrovascular centers network developement in Czech Republic
Currently in preparation for further research projects focused on the issue of back pain, cognitive deficits, and management of swallowing disorders.