About clinic

Neurology clinic was established based on the decision of the Ministry of Health on 1st of March, 2008.
The clinic consist of doctors and nurses who have achieved expertise in neuroscience and in various subspecialties of neurology, and are recognized as experts in the field. The team consist young doctors in training and supports with supervision other hospitals in the wide area of Pardubice Region. The nursing team includes highly qualified also in specialized care - multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular, neurmuscular and movement disorders, specializes paraclinical exams (EEG, EP, EMG).
Neurology has its own intensive care unit, which underwent renovation in 2012. It has 8 beds, equipped with modern monitoring systems, ventilators (3) and other necessary facilities needed to provide modern intensive care in neurology. Unique for Neurology ICU in Czech Republic is therapeutic plasmaexchange capable device. Neurology dispose with two wards with to 28 beds. Total capacity for in-patient is 64 beds. Out-patients care is is provided by 4 skilled neurologists and serves primarily as a first contact ambulance.  EEG laboratory possessing modern EEG device (Walter-Graftek) and laboratory EMG / EP (5-channel device Synergy Company Medelec) are on the ground floor. In the 2nd floor is located MS center for multiple sclerosis (1000 patients, of whom more than half are treated with modern immunomodulatory therapy). Specialized ambulatory tract is located at the ground floor and provides care for neuromuscular disorders, movement disorders, demetias, epilepsy and other seizure disorders and neurooncological patients.
The most important task with a growing trend of Neurology provides professional multidisciplinary care of patients with stroke within cerebrovascular center. This brings the prospect of further development, especially in neurointensive care as well as other diagnostic and therapeutic methods related to the issue of vascular events (radiology, physiotherapy).