Why to Study at Process Control?

Students of Process Control:

  • have the opportunity to study all three levels of tertiary education (bachelor’s, follow-up master’s and doctoral study programs);
  • can individually adjust content, length and intensity of their studies due to credit system;
  • can use top technical equipment, modern information sources (e-learning) as well as facilities for relaxation and recreation;
  • take advantage of personal approach of teachers.

Graduates of Process Control:

  • succeed in the labour market without problems;
  • work in creative and dynamically evolving environment;
  • can apply their knowledge not only in all branches of industry, but also in banking and financial sector or public administration.

Still hesitating?

„Study will certainly be challenging…“
  • Study of the branch is not easy; nevertheless effort spent during the study will pay off several times in higher value of the graduate in labour market.
„So far I do not know anything about automation and process control…“
  • It does not matter; structure of the study branch does not presuppose specialized knowledge, high school level of mathematics and physics is sufficient. A graduate of any high school can study the branch.
„I would rather study pure informatics…“
  • In Process Control study branch you will study number of courses that are focusing on informatics, in addition you will acquire knowledge in automation, measurement and control.