Master's theses defended in academic year 2014/15

Design and control of rotary inverted pendulum
Supervisor: Ing. Petr Doležel, Ph.D.
This thesis is aimed for identification and control of the rotary inverted pendulum. Theoretical part is dedicated research similar devices, description of the building blocks, experimental identification and chosen control algorithms. The system is built by Lego Mindstorms kit and control is realized by computing software Matlab.
Implementation of state estimator in the control system AMiNi4DS
The aim of this thesis is the implementation Kalman estimator to the control system AMiNi4DS. The principles of description of systems in state space and the state estimation are described there. Subsequently, the numerical algorithm of Kalman estimator is derived with verification of related equations in MATLAB. Then, from the function of Kalman estimator is created a module that is implemented into the control system AmiNi4DS and its functionality is verified.
Implementation of LQ controller in the control system AMiNi4DS
This thesis deals to the implementation of the LQ regulator with asymptotic tracking problem in the control system AMiNi4DS. An algorithm of the LQ regulator for design and simulation experiment is created in MATLAB. A module that implements an algorithm of the LQ regulator is created in a development environment of the control system. The control experiments are performed with real systems for verifying the functionality.
This thesis follow up of control algorithms the walking four-legged robots. The subject is also on the specific implementation of the real structure. It is also follow up of actuators and communication modules used for remote control. The practical part describes the design and manufacture of parts that make up the mechanical structure. The control unit is designed specifically for this solution, including software section.
The construction and control of the manipulator
The aim of the work is to design and control manipulator. Teoretical part of the work is focused on research and explanation the basic words of the topic. The practical part describes the whole design, how to create visualization and technical documentation in SolidWorks environment. The control program for personal computer is developed in programing language C# and the control program for the microcontroller ATmega128 is created in programing language C.
Localization of a mobile robot in unknown terrain
The work is oriented to the issue of localization of the mobile robot in unknown terrain. The analysis of localization techniques, sensors used for localization was realized and it has been proposed localization units using XBee 802.15.4 OEM RF module. To verify the functionality of the localization unit was developed simulation software in MATLAB computing environment. Based on the measured results was decided on the suitability of using the method.
Application of integral transforms in the automatic control theory
The subject of this thesis is the issue of integral transforms used in many fields. The main goal is to present the theoretical foundations which are necessary to understand the problematics. Explanation and demonstration of some properties of transforms is part of the thesis.
Construction and control of a laboratory furnace
The thesis deals with construction of electrical furnace. Part of works deals with proper hardware picking and building of solution. The goal is temperature control inside the furnace using PID regulator.
Implementation of the laboratory model Ball on an inclined plane
This master thesis deals with design, construction and management of laboratory model ball on an inclined plane. The laboratory model includes shoulder, where it is possible changed tilt angle and ball, which moves along the shoulder in the two directions depending on the size of the inclination angle of the shoulder. The laboratory model is supplemented with a control unit which provides the position measuring balls, drives the directional movement of the balls, thus the tilt angle of the shoulder. The laboratory model interacts with the user via the control panel and allows connection to an external laboratory model controller or computer via a measuring card.
Design of a state feedback controller
The thesis deals with a theoretical design and a simulation verification of activities of state controllers for the management of selected dynamic processes. Attention is paid to the verification of the robustness of the proposed control algorithms, which also include estimators of full or reduced systems. Motion controllers state estimators were performed both in the continuous and in the discrete variants. Verification of their activities has been implemented in the identified models of two real laboratory systems.