Bachelor’s theses defended in academic year 2013/14

Fuzzy logic controller for mobile robot
The paper describes techniques of PD controller and fuzzy controller. At the beginning of work describes hardware parts of robot. Hereinafter I describe PD control and evaluation of steering the robot. After that I write about fuzzy logic, theoretical introduction and explanation of problem, at the end of chapter again describe steering by fuzzy logic controller and valorization. At the end of work I compare both modes and short part about NXC programming.
Control system for hot-air model
Create control system for a hot-air model in Matlab development environment. Hot-air tunnel is a system based on air flow around the heat source. The control system will have several modes (manual and automatic control of temperature and air flow). The work also includes calibration of temperature sensors.
Autonomous robotic vehicle
This thesis is dedicated to the movement of a robotic vehicle after a preselected trajectory. The aim was to control the movement known in advance according to the information entered in the vehicle. This vehicle has the ability to record your movements drafting equipment. The drawing device is located between the wheels of the vehicle and executed movement recorded on the surface on which it moves.
The control system for laboratory model of automatic car wash
The aim of this work is the design and construction of control electronics of a laboratory model of a mechatronic system an automatic car wash. The electronic unit will allow direct control of the model and will also serve as an interface for connecting of a PLC. The interface of the device will allow direct connection of a PLC, which means that the interface will be fully compatible with the PLC interface. Microcomputer software will allow control of the model in exactly the same way in which a real device would behave.
Functional model of the lift with intelligent control
The work is dedicated to constructing a functional model of the lift for servicing four floors with collection management downwards. The control system model is implemented based on Atmel AVR microcontroller (ATMega series) and programmed in Bascom AVR programming environment. The work also includes a general introduction to the elevator equipment and some of the components used on the model.
Usage of industrial process controller KS 90-1 for management of chosen dynamic system
Application of industrial process controller PMA KS 90-1 on selected continuous system implemented in laboratory (subject to current laboratory setup). In addition to the necessary recovery and physical connection of controller and system, initiation into the controller and supporting BlueControl Expert software, the student’s aim is to design control algorithm with fixed structure (based on PID with possible modifications). The optimal controller parameters are found both on the basis of the simulation in Matlab - Simulink and using software applications PMA Tune.
Methods for static optimization of functions of one variable
The work is dedicated to the optimization and search extremes of functions of one variable using four algorithms. Specifically, the golden section method, bisection method, the method of direct comparison function values and the Fibonacci method. All methods are drawn from the desktop in MATLAB.