Bachelor’s theses defended in academic year 2012/13

Methods of identification of stable dynamic systems of the 1st order with dead time
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Jan Cvejn, Ph.D.
The target was to implement and verify in practice the properties of several methods for the identification of stable dynamic systems 1st order with delay. For application the methods of identification are used simulated data. To implement these methods will be used computational software Matlab with simulation environment Simulink.
Evolutionary algorithms for solving of NP-complete problems
This Bachelor work is focused on using evolution of optimization techniques for solution NP-complete problems. In the theoretical part are explained and described: NP completeness, selected NPC problems and evolution algorithms. In the practice part are implemented and optimized the individual methods of evolutionary techniques. These methods are applied to the demonstration NP issues and conclusions are compared their effectiveness.
Device for driving style optimality level evaluation
This bachelor thesis describes the design of the unit for evaluating the driving style using the accelerometer. The theoretical part describes accelerometers and the possibility of using the information from the accelerometer to evaluate driving style. The practical part contains the design and realization of the equipment and also a series of tests with evaluation of driving style.
Control unit of pneumatic system
The work is dedicated to the design and implementation of the pneumatic system control unit. The pneumatic system consists of wind tunnel with two fans. The first fan blows air into the wind tunnel, and the air spins the second fan. The control unit is complemented by a measurement system that measures the rotation speed of both fans. The control unit also provides PWM signal to control the first fan power, communication with the control panel including LCD displays, generating a measurement signal for an external controller and enables communication via USB.
Simulator of dynamical systems on the AMiNI4DS
The aim of this work is to develop a set of programs for the control system AMiNi4DS to simulate different dynamic SISO systems. Inputs and outputs of a mathematical model will be connected to the voltage inputs and outputs of the control system. The mathematical model is implemented as a discrete state with the minimum achievable sampling period. Programs for AMiNi4DS will allow the display of actual voltage inputs and outputs on the LCD display. A set of programs will be created in program DetStudio. Entering specific systems with a choice of order will be realized using the GUI in MATLAB. Dynamic systems in MATLAB will be insterted in the form of a continuous description.
Remote control of intelligent house
Bachelor thesis deals with remote control of intelligent house appliances. All control units are designed in the Arduino development environment. In the theoretical part are further described various methods of communication between the user and end device and a description of all the sensors. The practical section describes design of control units and their programs.
Electronic control unit of mobile robot chassis drive
The first part of this work is a brief description of different types of chassis, electrical drives, ways of management for electric motors and description of different types of angle sensor of output shaft. The second part describes the design of their control units, drive mobile robot chassis and other necessary circuits required for the proper functioning of the robot. At the end of the work is briefly described the program, which is capable received data and controlled its own drive.
Electronic security and monitoring unit
This thesis is deal with in electronic security of buildings. The main subject is the construction of security unit, which allows you to connect, commonly produced security sensors and alarms. Mentioned security unit can be controlled through the control keyboard that also allows to monitor state in the secure object. Construction of a control keyboard is also the subject of this thesis.
Construction and control of quadrocopter
The work deals with the construction and stabilization of a flying robot with remote control flight, which is implemented on the hardware platform type of quadrocopter. It contains a theoretical introduction and practical solutions to most problems related to the issue.
Laboratory model of automatic wash for cars
The aim of this work is create a model of cash for cars on mechanical part and electronic part too. The size of model will be proportional of real wash in ratio 1:18. A directional system will be create of microprocessor.
Laboratory tasks for PLC Siemens
Bachelor thesis deals with automatic control via programmable logic controllers. The result of effords is creating of teaching materials for PLC programming of Siemens logic controllers. After mastering the skills offered by the thesis, reader will be able to programm basic PLC software and obtain basic ability of working with Step7 and WinCC Flexible 2008 development tools. Sample solution is included.
Design and implementation of educational model Ball on Beam
The work includes the creation of a control system for educational Ball and stick model of the actual design through creating printed circuit boards, programming the microcontroller ATmega8 to way control model. Includes description of the electronic devices such as sensors and circuits for the user interface, a description of the signals and the processor circuitry ATmeaga.
Servomechanism with analog PID controller
Aim of this thesis was creating of analog PID controller that/which will by PWM signal control servopohon.
Laboratory task "TECOMAT FOXTROT - OPC Server"
The work describes the theory of logic control, programmable logic controllers, programming of logical controllers and OPC standard. The aim is to create a laboratory task realized by Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1005 working with OPC. It's done by using the model of mixing unit.
Simulator of closed control loop behaviour
The aim of the work is to design an application for the closed loop behaviour simulator in GUI in Matlab computing environment. The theoretical part is focused to the theory of automatic control, the issue of simulation and describes computing environment Matlab. The practical part describes the whole application, how to control it, what parameters can be specified into the editable fields and provides examples that can serve as a laboratory exercise for students.
Genesis hard drive as an essential part of the PC
This bachelor thesis deals with hard drives, the technology of writing on the hard drives and their physical and logical structure. The history, development and hard drive interface is mentioned. A small comparison between laptop and desktop hard drives is drawn herein. Among other interesting chapters belongs the future and development of hard drives in the next few years. Among the last chapters belongs the correct treatment of the hard drives and a comparison between the lifespan of data on a HDD and a DVD. Hard drives of various age and capacity are tested in the practical part. Data reading and writing speed, seek time and random access is primarily examined. The applications used for testing are designed to simulate the required operations and the output is in the form of a graph.
Implementation of laboratory task for engine control using PLC
Creation of new laboratory task for engine control using frequency changer and PLC. Brief research of problems related to logical control, programmable logic controllers, intelligent relays and frequency changers.  Development of the hardware part of the laboratory task (engine, PLC, frequency changer, cabling etc.) and follow-up software implementation of engine control. This thesis is focused on linking PLC Siemens LOGO! and frequency inverter Siemens SINAMICS G110.
Implementation of control algorithms using multifunctional industrial controller KS 98-1
Issues about multifunctional industrial controller PMA KS 98-1 are the subject of thesis. The main objective is to explore some ways of practical usage not only in industry. Versatility of device depends on software ET/KS 98 and SIM/KS 98. It allows us to configure device especially according to user's requirements.
Advanced state space search algorithm
The primary objective of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement several different heuristic functions designed for path search problems and compare them based on the experiments. Data obtained in this way is used to evaluate the impact of heuristic functions on the behavior of the algorithm.