Current Bachelor's theses

Identification methods of stable dynamic non-oscillating systems of 2nd order
Verification of the principles of feedback control - fan speed control
The aim of the thesis is to verify principles of feedback control using example of fan speed control. Control system will be implemented using analogue electronic components. The regulatory circuit will be analysed and properties of analytically designed controller settings will be practically verified. The controller will be designed based on transient response.
Modification of the method of flexible simplex for global optimization problems
Automatic Pallet Jack
Mobile inverted pendulum with remote controller
Control of hot-air device using Siemens Simatic programmable logic controller
Backpropagation Algorithm Visualization
GUNT RT 010 identification and control
GUNT RT 050 identification and control
Tipping scales in mill industry
Data media - the past, the present and view to future
Temperature measuring in beehouse during year
Testing of random numbers generators
Off-line identification of LTI model
Implementation of a football field irrigation system
Room temperature control using the electronic heater control valve
Identification of parameters of a static characteristic with saturation
Communication protocol design and software development for the wireless data transfer among mobile robots and MATLAB