Follow-up Master’s study branch "Process Control"

Study programme:
N2612 – Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Form of study:
Standard length of study:
2 years
Branch of study:
3902T046 – Process Control
Branch guarantor:


Characteristics of the studies

The study includes a theoretical background in mathematics for process control, statistics, specialist basis of the identification and dynamic system modelling, automated control theory, mechatronics as well as specialized courses such as industrial robots, industrial control systems, control system design etc. During the course of the study, students can profile by selection of compulsory options and optional subjects in areas of Artificial Intelligence, signal processing, reliability and safety, optimization and optimal control etc. In addition, they can acquire basic knowledge of economy, marketing and law. Completion of optional English language course will enable students to gain professional information directly from foreign sources and understand new technologies quickly. In future it will also facilitate their unmediated contact with foreign professionals, customers or partners.

Profile of the graduate

The graduates acquire broad overview and deep knowledge in the area of automated control theory, mechatronics and identification and modelling of dynamic systems, statistical data processing and control system design using top information technology equipment. They can use their knowledge mainly in the area of design, production, implementation and service of measurement, information and automated systems. Acquired overview and knowledge of basic principles as well as ability to grasp modern information and automation systems and their applications allow them to keep track of rapid progress of these technologies in future providing their independent monitoring of specialized publications. The graduates will find their job positions typically in technical and management functions in production, research, development, design, in vocational and university education.

Key learning outcomes

The graduates of this study branch are capable of independent solution of practical problems with analysis, design, production, implementation, operation, management, diagnostics and maintenance of measurement, automated, security and similar devices in all industries.
Knowledge of Master’s study branch Process Control allows graduates to:
  • analyse, design and operate complex measurement, information and control systems in different industries (electrical engineering, chemical, machinery, food processing, transportation and others where automation is used), manage related documentation, train less qualified employees;
  • actively broaden their knowledge with new science and technology information by study of domestic and foreign literature, including usage of modern information technologies;
  • teach appropriate vocational subjects at secondary schools or universities after completion of pedagogic qualification;
  • continue the studies in corresponding doctoral study program.