Projects subsidized by the Czech Science Foundation

The consortium approach to the development of experimental models

Identification code:
Project duration:
2003 – 2005
Institute of Computer Science of the ASCR
Responsible grantee at the University:
doc. Ing. Jiří Macháček, CSc.




Further development of automatic control theory is closely dependent on the work with experimental models during which the theoretical outcomes of the scientific research are practically verified. The project proposes the establishment of scientific-research consortium to facilitate modern experimental physical and virtual models. Each member of the consortium design, develop and makes a new model of technological process that can efficiently verify the methods of analysis and synthesis of control systems with an emphasis on conceptually new approaches. Models will be verified, appropriate methods and algorithms of automatic control will be derived and models will be available for other members of the consortium. Contribution of the project can be seen in the methodology of the development of new physical and virtual models with strong computer support, in development and application of new findings about the synthesis of control and in intensification of scientific and professional cooperation of The Academy of Sciences of The Czech Republic with five universities during significant innovation of experimental facilities of the participating institutions. The consortium remains open for other participants.