Information about the Department

The Department of Process Control was established in 1960 under the name of Department of Chemical Production at then University of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. In addition to specialized study programme the department provided lessons of courses related to computer technology throughout the university.
In research and development area the department was focused mostly on automation in chemical and related fields both in basic and specific research in cooperation with number of partners from academic and industrial spheres.
In 2007, the entire department transferred into the newly established Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics which changed the focus of the department in the structure of courses and research. In the area of basic and applied research members of the department attend to modern control methods such as adaptive, optimal, multivariable and predictive control, some areas of artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling, experimental identification and optimization of dynamic systems, development of control applications using microprocessors, mechatronics and robotics.

Heads of the Department

1960 - 1964
Ing. Vlastimil Hutla
1964 - 1981
prof. Ing. Josef Komůrka
1981 - 1990
doc. Ing. Ivan Taufer, CSc.
1990 - 2007
doc. Ing. Stanislav Krejčí, CSc.
2007 - 2012
doc. Ing. František Dušek, CSc.
2012 - now
Ing. Daniel Honc, Ph.D., current head of the department