Summary of research and development activities at the Department of Electrical Engineering

Research field: Electronic devices, radio- and high frequency systems
Research topics:
  • Modern radar systems (including passive) mainly: radar antennas, and  radar signal and data processing, radar sensors and further applications
  • Satellite navigation systems in transport and in personal monitoring
  • Image- processing methods,  pattern recognition and motion detection application
  • Short range data communication systems including RFID
  • Embedded systems
Examples of the running projects in the specified areas
Integrated primary and secondary radar antennas, supported by theCzech Ministry of Industry and Business (CMIB), worked out in cooperation with the T-CZ, Inc., 2010 - 2013
The research and development of a combined antenna array of a primary 3D radar PSR in the S band and of a monopulse secondary surveillance radar MSSR in the L band. A multichannel transceiver of the PSR is also developed under this project.
Quality and reliability enhancement of infrastructure in transport using microwave technology, the CMIBproject, worked out  in cooperation with the Tesla Blatna, Inc., West Bohemia University of Plzeň (WBU) and Steinel Technik Ltd. (STL), 2009-2013
The research and development of three systems supporting high quality and safety of railway transport  including:  an identification system for high speed railway vehicles,   a system for permanent monitoring of a railway crossing occupation and a road crossing traffic monitoring system. All the mentioned devices are based on microwave communication and radar sensors. 
Certification of the GALILEO satellite navigation system for railway telematic application, supported by theCzech Ministry of Transport project, worked out in cooperation with the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems of the Czech Railways., 2008 - 2010
The research of the satellite navigation system basic quality measures and of the related test methodologies. 
A preliminary study of the selected personal monitoring and communication systems, the EURIPIDES project, 2010
Personal sensor of motion activity, Complementary positioning sensors, A personal communication system designed for a rescue team members situation monitoring partially in conditions of low availability of radio signals (for inst. in buildings or in otherwise complicated environment).  
An audiodetection system, supported by the Czech MoD, worked out in cooperation with VOP Štemberk , 2009-2010
The research and development of audio positioning sensor and methods of an audio source recognition.
A Generator of a Very High Power Pulse,supported by theCzech Technology Agency (TAČR), project worked up in cooperation with the RADAN Ltd. 2011 - 2014
The research and development of a generator of a high pulse power 100 MW/1ns for EMP resistance testing of electronic devices.
Automatic routing of traffic flow on the most economic routes and optimization of traffic loads of transportation routes, supported by theCzech technology Agency (TAČR) project in cooperation with the Czech Centre of Transport Research and the LEVEL Ltd., 2011-2014
Research and development of data collection system from many cars on traffic situation at their positions and its exploitation for optimum fleet management and intelligent navigation using high-performance bidirectional automatic mobile communication system. 
A High-Frequency Digital Signal Processing Repeater, supported bythe CzechMinistry of Industry and Business, project is worked up in cooperation with the RCD Ltd., 2011 - 2014
Research and development of a universal transparent hf repeater for signal retranslation of  GSM,  FM radio, analog networks in 80 and 160 MHz bands, UMTS and digital data networks TETRAPOL, TETRA, WiFi, WiMax a.s.o.
Research results application and cooperation with industry
All the mentioned projects are worked up in cooperation with industry partners. The project results are intended to be used in their production.
The research team characteristics
  • 1 full professor
  • 8 associated professors in the part time employment
  • 4 experienced young researchers
  • 12 Ph.D. students
  • 25 master students, working on their master thesis
  • 8 independent experienced researchers are also cooperating with the team. 
Further relevant information
Presently the following new projects are prepared:
Rescue team members monitoring system, the project is prepared in cooperationwitha number of  industrial and academic partners
Research and development of a system for rescue team members, monitoring, evaluating and signalling parameters of the pearson surroundings (dangerous chemicals, radioactivity, temperature and humidity), its position, physical condition and  motion activity. These information are evaluated and supplied to all members of the team and to the  rescue command and control centre.     
A modern system of space detection and tracking of air objects, the project is prepared in cooperation with T-CZ Inc.
The research and development of signal and data processing in a 3D primary radar including an optimization of the transmitted pulse modulation for the short and long range target detection.
A train integrity monitor, the project is prepared in cooperation with the AZD Inc. 
The research and development of a system based on radio-communication network for monitoring the train integrity in various operation conditions.
Selected publications